Full Moon Fever


Full Moon Fever

This week the full moon has bought along a change in the weather from dull and damp to clear skies and colder temperatures, along with some forecast flurries of snow. These changes bring perfect conditions for some plants to thrive such as the Alpine Speedwell.

International Women's Day this week has made us review our craft courses and the comparison in ratio of bookings made by women and men. Women are three times more likely to book our in studio events. 

This weekend sees the return of The Repair Cafe at Hepptonstall School from 10 am to 1 pm, so gather up anything hidden away in the top of the wardrobe or cupboard in need of repair.

This weeks recommendation is one of our favorites 'Lunar Living' by Kirsty Gallagher such a beautiful down to earth go to guide on the phases of the moon and how it affects all our day to day lives bring on that Moon Magic !

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Full Moon Fever