about me

wanting to learn how to create shoes entirely by hand led me to pestering the local clog maker to take me on as his Saturday girl, after a couple of years I got a place at cordwainers college, then part of central and st martins. when I finished my degree, I went straight into an apprenticeship in the west end of london. I was very lucky as apprenticeships were and still are, very few and far between.


for 12 years I worked exclusively for boot and shoe companies, including john lobb, cleverly and jason amesbury, in the west end and mayfair. a chance conversation led to a residency at the royal armories in leeds where I spent two years working with the in house leather worker to produce 30 pairs of jack boots for the household cavalry. while I was there I began to think about producing a collection of leather goods under my own name.


I was encouraged when my first show sold out completely. I have worked hard to build on that success becoming more creative with styling and inventive with detail as the collection has grown.

interview with catherine edwards