Across the Seas, Mountains & Desert

Across the seas, mountains & desert

This week in the workshop we have lovingly finished the repair of the North African foot ottoman it was one of a pair that were bought home by the clients father and holds huge sentimental value. We have certainly enjoyed admiring it in the workshop over these weeks and contemplating all the things it would have seen (if only it could talk)! Adding our own bit of history into it with a recycled coffee bean sack to help keep its shape. 


It led us to contemplate what else and who else maybe on the move every single year and how yet the distance seems to so far its amazing how accessible the world can be.



The willow warbler is one of our smallest birds. Yet this delicate little creature performs and amazing feat of strength and endurance. Each year it flies all the way to the UK from Africa, travelling more than 5000 miles across seas, mountains and desert to arrive in time for spring. As if that's not enough, in autumn it flies all the way back !


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