Sounds of the Shore

We  have just finished a more unusual repair this week;  repairing and remaking the case of a beautiful pair of Alpina Binoculars . The binoculars would have been perfect for our recent trip to Scarborough where we have been  teaching for the North Yorkshire Arts School. We combined our teaching with a few days away on the East  Coast; gorgeous for blowing the cobwebs away. We spotted guillemots in Scarborough, heard Curlews calling to one another and saw a great northern diver in the harbour.


Listening to the gentle waves on South Bay made us curious to find out more about the tides around our British Isles. The moons gravitational pull causes the sea to swell creating tides. During full and new moons (12th and 24th February) the earth, moon and sun are aligned creating a Spring tide. Seven days after a Spring tide there is a Neap tide , which creates a period of moderate tides when the sun and moon are at right angles to one another.


If  like us you feel an affiliation for the sea, we would highly recommend the Sounds Of  Our Shore Podcast. A gentle, calming,  listen, which features the sounds of the sea all around the Country.

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