From tigers to tote bags

February the 10th heralded the year of the Wood Dragon which in Chinese culture represents luck and success. We felt very lucky to run a workshop at Henshaw’s Art and Craft Centre in Knaresborough organised by the NYAS. The centre has a very interesting history as it started its life in 1965 as a zoo. It was opened by former pet shop owner and circus ringmaster who left the zoo in 1969 to become a taxidermist! It was acquired by the Henshaw charity in the late 90’s who support people with sight loss and disabilities. The zoo buildings and enclosures was demolished and a fabulous arts and craft’s centre was built in its place.

We had a fabulous day there running a workshop making both tool rolls and tote bags and we imagine the Wood Dragon played a part in the successful results that were achieved!!

If you use your tool roll for garden tools, remember March is a great time for sewing early salad leaves, planting your bare root roses and dividing your tender perenials. When all your hard work is done, pop inside for a cup of tea and a piece of cake and if you are lucky enough to have some early rhubarb, we would recommend the following recipe.


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