Pooches, planting and prospects

We have had an exciting start to the week visiting RHS Bridgewater and discussing potential workshops that we can run there with a gardening theme. Look out for dates on their website and our Instagram page for courses later on this year and early into 2025. Bridgewater has the most glorious and uplifting gardens set in historic spaces around the ruins of Worsley New Hall, Salford which was demolished in the 1940’s. The 800 tonnes of stone were bought by a scrap merchant and were used to build the Southfield Estate in Heptonstall! The gardens are named after the Bridgewater canal that runs alongside it. Lots of courses and workshops are available at Bridgewater, including willow weaving with our friend Joe Gregory @creativewithnature, Chinese brush painting and gardening for wildlife. Though being big dog lovers ‘walkies of Bridgewater’ is one of our favourite events of theirs. These are evenings when dogs are welcome throughout the garden as well as in the café and the shop. https://www.rhs.org.uk/Gardens/RHS-Garden-Bridgewater/ViewEvent?EFID=3782&ESRC=CMS

Please remember that pre-booking is essential as these evenings are very popular with our canine chums.

Whilst we are in the gardening mood, St Gregory’s day was the 12th March and traditionally this was the day that we are supposed to ‘sow our onions’ as at last the ground is warming up. Watch out though for a cold snap at the end of this month, these are known as the ‘borrowed days’ in Irish Folklore, snow and freezing temperatures during these days are called ‘lambing storms.’ In the North-West of England, the male tups were generally put in with the ‘yows,’ ewes on bonfire night on the 5th November. A sheep’s gestation period is approximately 147 days, making most lambs due around the end of March, hence the ‘lambing storm.’

Finally in an attempt to beautifully link dogs and horticulture, take a look at this fabulous website www.dragonflyproducts.co.uk which is brilliant for dog stuff and is full of helpful advice and information.  Apparently, apple cider is amazingly good for dogs in lots of ways; reduces inflammation in joints, aids digestion, can be used for insect bites and sore ears and has beneficial probiotics.


Finally, a big thank you to Valley Antiques Centre in Hebden Bridge, who lent us the doggy model for our cover photo. Lead made by Cathy in the workshop, 1:1 classes available.

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