Gadding about at Gartmore House

Hurray, we have now had the first official day of Spring and I can confirm lambs have been spotted! We have a full moon coming on Sunday; a perfect time to tune into BBC4 EXTRA from 10pm when they programme ‘full moon night’. In five chapters, it’s a journey through the BBC archives and all the programmes are related to the influence the moon has on us the planet, science, nature and mythology.

This week, we have been running a week- long leatherwork programme at Gartmore House in Stirlingshire. We have made journal covers, pencil and tool rolls and aprons;  it has been a wonderful week of creativity, enhanced by being amongst such fabulous countryside. We have learnt lots about the history of Gartmore House and its past incarnations including the fact that staff previously have dressed up in bedsheets and used a green torch to promote the myth of the ghostly ‘green lady.’

One of our students, Riven Walker at Gartmore House (a fellow moon lover!) has written the most beautiful poem….enjoy.


the moon

does not fear the sun

they dance slowly

around each other;

pushing and pulling,

giving and taking

but even they can’t stay apart


when the time is right

they meet,

sharing the sky

for a second,

a millenia.



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