Great Giveaway!

Well, we haven’t had a giveaway here at Leathergood Towers for a while now, so it’s high time we had one!

We are giving away a free 1:1 workshop session with Cathy. This includes 4 hours of tuition in our studio, including all your materials, as much tea as you can drink and there was a whisper of cake too! Choose what you would like to make from any of the items in the photograph or give us your ideas!

All you have to do is like the post and follow us, then tag someone who would love an afternoon of leather bothering. The giveaway ends at midnight on Wednesday the 10th of April. The winner will be notified on Thursday 11th April. A name will be picked at random from the final list.

In other news we are at The Globe next Saturday, teaching our ever popular Dog Collar and Lead course, we have two places still available….just saying!

The 4th of April is international carrot day!! Very appropriate following the recent influx of Easter bunnies. We have found this very important fact from the foodie calendar which is a brilliant resource for weird food related dates We are a little beside ourselves for the arrival of the 21st of April as this is National Tea Day, we are all a little ‘Mrs Doyle’ here at the Studio!

So, if you have bought in many carrots for the approach of international carrot day here is a recipe for a easy French carrot and celeriac salad;

1lb carrot and celeriac grated

2tsp granular mustard

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

3tbsp olive oil

2tsp honey

Salt and pepper

Optional sliced shallots or 1tsp of cumin seeds


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