From dusk to dawn

Sunday the 5th of May was international dawn chorus day. Listening to the birds begin to wake and celebrate the new day is a joyous, uplifting experience. But equally listening to the garden birds settling themselves down to roost as the sun sets is calming and soothing and reminds us of the natural end of a day. The ‘chink chink’ call of the blackbird, often the last bird to stop calling and one of the first to start in the morning, is especially clear and fine. They like finding the tallest tree or telegraph pole or chimney, and in the last half hour or so before true darkness falls, compete to be the loudest. Listening to the dawn chorus requires getting out of a warm bed in the dark, but the blackbird’s dusk chorus can be enjoyed beside an open window; or relaxed in a garden chair.


Sorting through eyelets, aiglets, rivets and tacks, we came across this lovely chap, bought or maybe swapped when we took part in Saltaire Maker’s Fair, years and years ago. Very appropriate as Saltaire Arts Trail took place only last weekend, which is very worth visit and one to look out for next year.


If you need any repairs doing, we will be at the repair cafe at Heptonstall School this Saturday (11th May) between 10am-1pm.



If you are looking for something to do locally  at the end of the month take a look at from Thursday the 30th May to Sunday the 2nd of June. Tickets are available for Lemm Sissay and Henry Normal through the arvon website, check out the bookable writing day, the free family writing day and the ‘writers under the lens’ exhibition.

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